Poetry reading featuring Robert Bly (part 1 of 2) (Audio)


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  • Robert Bly poetry reading at Duff's Restaurant for River Styx PM Series. Recording Index: 11 O'Clock at Night Intro; 11 O'Clock at Night 2:19; Introduction 6:57; "Drums" 7:28; Concerto in the Key of Er 11:54; Intro to Key of Ah 14:33; Key of Ah 15:28; "After Trailing their bony legs" 19:14; "When I'm alone" 21:05; "Once I loved you only a few minutes a day" 22:23; Intro to "In the month of may" 22:47; "In the Month of May" 26:10; "I sat reading alone" 31:09; "The Viking ship sails into the whole harbour" 35:30; "I talked to my inner lover" 37:30; intro to "The spiritual athlete" 40:00; "The Spiritual Athlete" 40:52; "Friend please tell me" 42:25; introduction to "Between the conscious and unconscious" 44:51; "Between the conscious and unconscious" 45:23; "inside this clay jug" 49:02; Intro to the poet Rumi 52:55; "The Question is Are Women Spiritual or Are they Sexual" 53:35; "Today Like Every Other Day we Wake up empty and scared" 55:00
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  • CASS.614
  • River Styx at Duff's
  • River Styx Archive (MSS127), 1973-2001
  • River Styx PM Series
  • His poems after 11 O'Clock at Night have music incooperated into the performance and he repeats his poems often once with music and once without music; some of these performances are translations from poets Kabir and Rumi
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  • St. Louis, Missouri
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  • 1982-10-31T00:00:00Z
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