Poetry reading featuring Jerome Rothenberg (Audio)


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  • Jerome Rothenberg poetry reading at Duff's Restaurant. Recording Index: "The Lorca Variations, The Second New York Poem, pt 1: They are gone, the pepper trees (1:27), pt 2: Canyons of lime imprisoned (3:03), pt 3: I was on the terrace wrestling with the moon (5:35), pt 4: 'Don't let the pope dance,' someone cries (7:02); Tsukiji Fish Market (8:55) [poem starts at 10:57] , pt 1: ""fish and styrofoam..."" (10:57), pt 2: The Tale, a story (12:56), pt 3: for Makoto Oda (14:34); The Lorca Variations 15, Water Jets, pt 1: ""if death once had a face..."" (18:33), pt 2: ""it's night..."" (19:16); Three Paris Elegies, pt 1: ""Into my own dark Sunday..."" (22:26), pt 2: ""Above a gorge we hung..."" (23:06), pt 3: ""Why does a well-dressed man..."" (23:46); The Lorca Variations 28, For Turtles pt 1: ""Up there or down here..."" (28:00), pt 2: ""My heart is flying from me..."" (28:32); For Jackson (32:43) [poem starts at 32:53] pt 1 “Where Mac Low walks…” (32:53), pt 2 “so cold…” (36:53), pt 3 “The first time I heard your light poems” (38:06); One: the case for memory (43:26), Two: The burning house (44:14), Three: Where God is light (44:53), Four: I have paid the price and lost (45:39), Five: There is a map inside my pocket (46:26), Fourteen: I am mad by turns (47:26), Fifteen: more than stars (48:13), Sixteen: A cruel nirvana (49:11), Forty-nine: “A town called Nevers” (49:54), Fifty: I can’t say who I am (50:58), Fifty-one: “I come into the new world” (51:57) [poem starts at 52:55]; Technicians of the Sacred (54:22)
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  • CASS.793
  • River Styx at Duff's
  • River Styx Archive (MSS127), 1973-2001
  • pt 2 of the Tsukiji Market is a short story; Fourteen cuts off between 47:28-45:35; Technicians of the Sacred is a song?; Michael Castro outro cut
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  • St. Louis, Missouri
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  • 2000-02-21T00:00:00Z
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