Poetry reading featuring Arthur Brown (Audio)


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  • Arthur Brown poetry reading and Parran, J.D. musical performance at Duff's Restaurant. Recording Index: "Fertilized air..." (Untitled and with Music) 01:40; Poem for Uncle Buddy 03:52; A Photograph 05:31; Another Photography 06:02; He Was Fast 07:59; A Love Poem 09:51; Marching Song 17:00; Some of the Shots Will Make You Gasp Aloud Introduction 18:38; Some of the Shots Will Make You Gasp Aloud 19:09; Interview with a Winner 20:31; Introduction to his poems about the Detacher 21:42; On the Morning of his Litivity 22:11; Heathen Song 25:06; Building Ahead Introduction 26:05; Building Ahead 26:52; Untitled [recording gets cut so did not hear the title] 27:56; How'd You Do 29:10; Introduction to Pilgrimage 30:49; Pilgramage 31:17; Never For Long 32:19; Till the Doctor Comes 33:16 ; 35:17 music begins and 35:52 "Howlin..." Arthur starts speaking over the musicA Two Doll Date 37:55; Pennyboy 42:30; The Trumpet in the Morning 44:08; The Black Mule Leaves the Party Introduction 48:20; The Black Mule Leaves the Party 49:00; When You Come 51:05; Cherokee Bill 52:15; For Every Dog 53:33; Hound Song 54:46;
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  • Washington University in St. Louis
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  • CASS.623
  • River Styx at Duff's
  • River Styx Archive (MSS127), 1973-2001
  • Beginning is music from Parran, J.D. so I cut that; the recording gets cut at 27:56 and has wind noise; after Till the Doctor Comes J.D. Plays music without Arthur (or so much louder that I can't tell whether Arthur is speaking) so I cut it out of the recording; many of the recordings are Brown and Parran performing together; Recording gets cut in the middle of "Cherokee Bill" at 53:32
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  • St. Louis, Missouri
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  • 1976-11-29T00:00:00Z
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