6.Siege of Vicksburg (Image)

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  • The James E. and Joan Singer Schiele Print Collection, 1848-1876, consists of Civil War prints and other historical images. The prints include portraits, battle scenes, and political cartoons representing a variety of printing techniques from woodcut to chromolithograph. A highlight of the collection is a set of thirty-six Kurz & Allison prints. The entire collection consists of over 160 artistic pieces. These prints make up a visual overview of historical events during one of the nation's most tumultuous times, and provide a strong background for cultural and historical studies. The prints are arranged by James E. Schiele and divided into seven series: Series 01: Kurz & Allison, Series 02: Antebellum, Series 03: Civil War, Series 04: Slavery and Abolition, Series 05: Emancipation and Reconstruction, Series 06: Postbellum, Series 07: Print Material. Biographical Note: A native St. Louisan and active community volunteer, James Schiele, AB '52, MLA '85, acquired over several decades the historic images that constitute the Schiele Collection. He and his wife, Joan Singer Schiele, donated the collection to University Libraries and established an endowment to help support conservation and expansion of the collection. Fueled by his enthusiasm, Schiele has committed countless years to serving Washington University through membership on the Alumni Board of Governors, the Eliot Society Membership Committee, the W Club Executive Committee, his Class Reunion Committee, the International Advisory Council for Asia, the Scholars in Arts & Sciences, and as a member of the Murray Wiedenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy.
  • I. Kurz & Allison
  • Battle Scenes. Consists of 36 chromolithographs, 1 facsimile. Arranged in battle order by James E. Schiele.
  • 30-1/8 x 23-3/8 inches,matted. 1 chromolithograph print.
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